Greetings to God’s Word Fellowship Ministries.

I am much benefited by Bro. Gerald Santiago and Sr. Vanitha Santiago’s sermons.

Really challenging.To name a few, Born to Over come series, Last Supper, Faith Series, Watchman, Glory of God series are so inspiring and i have forwarded to many groups and they all look forward for this deep teachings based on word of God.

We wish them both to inspire more people for the expansion of His kingdom.

Sam Devavaram


Praise God..I am Dr smitha subhash.i have been acquainted with Pastor Gerald Santiago from 2010.I cannont be more joyful and thankful to the Lord i met Pastor..there are many testimonies that i could write about the favour of my God on me but one definitely stands out.In the year 2018 February my family contracted H1N1..My husbandd oxygen level startrd to fall and my son was 10 yrs at that time.. he overcoming H1N1 was a miracle..but by Gods Grace both of them came out of it.At that time i would continuously keep in touch with Pastor for prayers and support.Praise God is all I can say when I look back to what His Grace has led me out from.

Dr smitha subhash

Thank you Bro. Gerald n fly for your ongoing prayers, love, patience, and care ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’.Youโ€™ve helped me increase my understanding and love for the Word of God. ๐Ÿ™Youโ€™re an excellent shepherd!Thank you for serving the flock so well. We appreciate your spiritual guidance and sermons. ๐Ÿ˜‡Thanks for being a fabulous preacher.๐Ÿ™. On behalf of our fly wishing u both to be a divine inspiration for ur flocks who follow the word of God.๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿคฉ. Prayerful wishes for d expansion of ur God’s Word Fellowship Ministry through out the world ๐Ÿ˜‡

Rani Raj-Chennai

Warm Christian Greetings to all!

Glory be to God! I praise God for God’s Word Fellowship. The messages of Pr. Gerald Santiago and Sis. Vanitha is reaching hundreds of people in an amazing way which is exactly needed for the souls. We have been blessed more than words can explain. It’s a great blessing for many unbelievers too. May the Good Lord bless their efforts, use them mightily and build His Kingdom in Mighty Way. God bless GWF! Amen!

Rev. Timothy Jacob

This is Noel, born & raised in Bangalore in a Christian family.
During my early college days, I had attained salvation & was very hungry to know more about God. I did love attending our church service and engaging in Gospel music, but this did not wholly satisfy me. At this time, I was introduced to Bro. Gerald by my senior in college Bro.Jaikumar.

Bro. Gerald was once sharing about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and when he prayed for another friend, the friend and I started praying in tongues for the first time. I experienced joy, peace & power as Brother explained to me in depth about the Holy Ghost, the word of God, etc.

Further to this, Bro. Gerald has been guiding me whenever I needed help, be it in my job hunts, career, personal life, etc.
I am awakened to so many precious truths growing strong in the word and close to God our Saviour.

Therefore, I am so certain that God has blessed me through this wonderful God’s Word Fellowship Ministry on the whole, through teachings and fellowship meetings. Amen.


Glory be to God!

I’m Babina Solomon,And my Husband Solomon Ebenezer, we have recently transferred and settled down in Madurai City.
My Husband was working in an reputed organization in Bangalore. After shifting from Bangalore to Madurai we were wondering whether to go for Job or to start a business…..
Since My Husband was blessed with his property land in Madurai, we were planning to start a poultry farm in that land.
At that time our church introduced a class called “five loaves two fishes” and this course was for those who are doing business and those who want to start a business, course was on every Tuesdays for six months, Classes were conducted by Pr.Gerald Santiago Anna
At that time We were just in the stage of planning of poultry farm…

I want to say it again “just the Planning stage” Every Tuesday we used to attend classes regularly…
Praise be to God within that six months that is before the course ends we started to reap from that business…

Planning -implementing- construction of 2 sheds for poultry farm -the inauguration of the farm….signing up with chick company… Everything happened in that six months which is impossible…..

Pr. Gerald Santiago Anna trained our minds our thoughts and Faith confessions towards multiplication, Blessings of God, and Supernatural God kind of faith and taught us so many faith theories from Bible…
The full course was based on Bible, Nothing out of the Bible!!
Praise and glory be to Almighty God!!

Mr. Solomon Ebenezer
Miss. Babina Solomon

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